Hot Trails Original Scented Deer and Wild Game Hunting Candles and Buck Lure

HotTrails is the original Scented Hunting Candle. Started in 1991 by Bill Moore after he continued to not have much success with traditional scents. Bill worked in a candle factory making scented wax products at the time and he noticed these products put out a strong fragrance even when not burning them, and they smelled for hours and hours. Bill thought, “if I can do this with vanilla‚Ķ why not DOE IN HEAT!” And HotTrails Scented Deer Hunting Candles were born! HotTrails can penetrate up to 500 yards and last for up to 5 hours per candle. Hang in near your deer stand and watch it work! View More about our History, read our latest news or buy our products now!

8 Responses to Hot Trails Original Scented Deer and Wild Game Hunting Candles and Buck Lure

  1. I’ve used Hot Trails for years and have always had great success. I’ve told many others about Hot Trails over the years.

    • Bill Moore says:

      You are not alone. Many others have said the same and I appreciate it a lot. I know we have a great product
      and I appreciate your faithfulness and business. Keep spreading the word.
      Your friend
      Bill Moore

  2. Trevor Brice says:

    I’m interested to try your candles. I’m not sure which one to use for late season white tail in the timer (December 15 th). Any suggestion? Where can I buy them in Vancouver, BC?


    • Bill Moore says:

      Trevor, Late season after most does bred, bucks going crazy trying to find just ONE more hot Doe. Use the Doe n Heat
      candles. Sorry I have no outlet anywhere near Vancouver. Best bet is from our online store.

  3. mike says:

    deer will come out of the woods right to the candle. just seeing that is amazing

  4. O.J. Johnson says:

    Hello Hot Trails,

    I am a fourth year hunter and I have been using Harmon’s scents for the past three years. I am looking to find my one and only scent company, and your product has been in the lime light along with the Harmon’s products. I will like to start on the right track with you guys, so I can have a awesome success story to tell.

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