• Steven Bruder  –Mr. Moore,  I am sending some pictures over many years of hunting behind your candles from my son Joe and myslelf.  I ran out of candles a couple of years ago and could not find them until tonight—I just ordered 3 sets off the site–thank goodness I found you again!  My son Joe and I are addicted bow hunters and your candle products have proven time and time again how valuable and deadly they are to us as bow hunters. 

I have been bow hunting for 40 years and NO other product brings deer in like the candles do—-NOTHING—actually it is so amazing I am glad my neighboring land owners don’t use them allowing the big bucks to congregate on my land.  It’s been 3 years since I have been out of candles and 3 years since I have landed a really nice deer—I think there is a connection.  I will send a picture of another nice buck or two I will take this year—-Iowa and Minnesota—bow and muzzle loader.

  • Matt Smith“This buck came in like a dog on a leash! It was neat to see.”
  • Wayne Mosley – “The deer aged at 6 ½, had 20 score-able points , and had a gross B&C score of 175. My best buck ever.”
  • RATTLING REDNECK, Freddie Haney – “When a buck comes to rattling a Dominant Buck HotTrails Candle gives him another positive stimulant to go along with his hearing.”
  • Bob Alexander  – “I am just a normal guy who, prior to using your candles, had never harvested, nor seen anything above the 90″-100″ score-able range.”
  • Chris & Tammy Chance – “We are writing this letter for two reasons. First, to reorder and second to tell you what a great product you have.”
  • Keith Bailey – “This past season in Ontario, Hot Trails ® Doe-n-Heat candles brought in a winner that grossed scored 173+ B&C points”
  • Ron Barnett – “The buck followed the scent trail toward the doe in estrus candle and passed my stand at 18 yards.”
  • Scott Crouse – “I bought some Hot Trails and used them as directed. Enclosed is a picture of the great Louisiana buck I was able to Harvest.”
  • Jimmie Cox – “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just wanted to let you know about my Hot Trails success story.” 
  • Ron Barnett  – “As he passed directly down wind from the Hot Trails candle it was like there was a rope tied to his neck and his head jerked right into the scent stream. He followed it, nose up right up to the candle.”
  • Jim Atkinson – “No mistaking what was drawing him to me with his head held high moving it from side to side trying to pinpoint the source of the HotTrails odor.”

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  1. these candles have magic powers in 15mins had a big 8pt come in 7 of the mins was watching him sniff for the the doe then he gave me a great shot didn’t even know I was there my uncle has shot a buck every year when using the candles so HOT TRAILS have figured something out that no one else have figured out will recommend to anyone that wants a big BUCK Happy Hunting To All

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