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Ron Barnett – Testimonial

You hunt for years and never get a nice buck to come in but for Ron Barnett of Sperry, OK it was just a matter of being at the right place, at the right time and using Hot Trails “doe in estrus” scent candle and the lantern holder. 

Ron Barnett of Sperry, OK with his buck that came in to a HotTrail’s Doe In Estrus scent candle.

The buck was shot just after daybreak on November 6, 2001 5 miles NE of Protection, Kansas. Ron had lighted the candle shortly before climbing into his stand and placed it inside a rotted out stump about 2 feet off the ground, twenty yards upwind of his stand position.

Did it work?

Well, as Ron says, “The buck followed the scent trail toward the candle and past my stand at 18 yards, grunting everytime his hoofs hit the ground. I let the air out of him while he was occupied breathing deeply over the stump.”

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