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Keith Bailey – Testimonial

Keith Bailey from Houston Texas used Hot Trails ® Doe-n-Heat candles this past season in Ontario and came up a winner. The Buck grossed scored 173+ B&C points at the Houston Texas Trophy Hunters show this past August.  He won the out of state, low fence division contest.

Keith is no stranger to using Hot Trails ® Candles.  He started using them when he hunted with Bill Moore, Hot Trails owner, back in 1996, and has been a believer ever since.  The Canadian buck came in with his nose curling, and it was the last thing he did.

Keith said, “When I got down to the deer I was so happy.  I looked up and saw another buck (bigger) coming to the candle.”  What a problem to have, right?  Thanks Keith for sharing your experience with us, for using Hot Trails® when you hunt.