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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello my name is Louis Cuttitta, and I am the Chief Executive Officer of Southern Bow Freaks. I am currently composing and editing footage of our team’s hunts. We are a team of five hunters that truly enjoy the southern way of life. We are all active in the outdoors, we mainly focus on deer hunting (bow and rifle), but love to hog hunt as well. We currently still hunt, run dogs, and trap hogs. We are looking for products to test and review on our show, and possibly host “giveaways” to gain followers. We are currently on all social media networks including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram. We constantly post and share on these sites. We have an organic following of 64 on Facebook, on YouTube, 46 on Instagram, and we gain followers every day. The main focus of our hunts will be conducted in central Florida with the occasional hunt in Georgia on QDMA leases.

    We are a new outdoor show and looking for future partners and exclusive product usage throughout the show, Here at Southern Bow Freaks we can offer you a quality in-depth gear review and will put it on all major social media sites and will monitor and answer any questions that come about from the product review. Which will include close up shot of your product and use while in the field. as avid bow hunters your product and attractant would be very useful, and love to test your products on our episodes and product reviews. Once again we would enjoy the opportunity to showcase all of your products and getting real in the field testing.

    We here at Southern Bow Freaks are looking forward to hearing back from you. You can contact us at and phone number is 407-491-2513.

    1. Louis
      Just got to your email, and yes I am interested in talking about building a relationship. Give me a call
      Bill Moore
      Hot Trails, Inc.

  2. Hey I just ordered your product to try out in Whitney…I was wondering the average shipping time.. as I have to use that as an excuse to go back hunting…thanks..

    1. Oh I would have liked your facebook page to get the $5 off but I was sworn to secrecy by the person that told me..I can’t say or post anything until after the season is over because we have a bet with my brother in law as to who gets the biggest buck..small price to pay when this works..LOL thanks in advance for you understanding. Can’t wait to try them out..

      1. Good luck on your bet with your brother-in-law. Make sure to send in a picture of your buck.

    2. We work hard to keep our shipping times fast especially this time of year!

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