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Bob Alexander – Testimonial

Dear Mr Moore;

I’ve used your product for several years now.  I am just a normal guy who, prior to using your candles, has never harvested, nor seen anything above the 90″-100″ scoreable range.  I started experimenting with your Doe-N-Heat Candles and due to your advice, the Dominant Buck Candles.  I must say, I was impressed.  These products work!  I am a true believer!  I am now seeing and video taping deer that I would have never seen just a short time ago. Continue reading Bob Alexander – Testimonial

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Rattling Redneck – Freddie Haney

Freddie Haney and I met at the Bow Show in Louisville, KY in February 1993.  He was just another Archery Dealer walking the isles looking at all the stuff people like me were trying to get them to buy.  He stopped and looked over Hot Trails.  He was interested and we exchanged business cards with promises of getting back in touch with each other. Little did we know a close friendship would develop, and we would eventually become hunting partners. Continue reading Rattling Redneck – Freddie Haney

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Wayne Mosley – San Antonio, TX


There is really not a lot to tell, says Wayne to Bill. I had a Doe n Heat candle burning over near the feed pen and about 6 does were in it eating about 7 in the morning. Some small bucks were milling around and then all of a sudden they were gone. I was trying to figure out what spooked them when I saw movement downwind of the feeder. Out stepped the biggest buck I have ever seen. It looked like he had points going in all directions. Continue reading Wayne Mosley – San Antonio, TX