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How HotTrails Worked For Me

By: Jim Atkinson

The mood candle had been burning for about 30 minutes and to be honest with you I was getting a little edgy.  I had done all I could do to set the tone for the anticipated encounter that all true males look forward to as often as we can.  I had prepared the area where the encounter would take place as carefully as I ever had for a sexual experience of this importance. I had assumed a coy, withdrawn demeanor in hopes that my partner would relax as much as possible and allow me the pleasure of enjoying this encounter to the fullest. At my age, you are never sure just how many more of them you can take without having a heart attack. Continue reading How HotTrails Worked For Me

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Ron Barnett’s Kansas Quest

I opened the letter and got a grand surprise! I had drawn a coveted either sex statewide archery tag for Kansas. What a deal! An opportunity to hunt a state not only known for big bucks, but also for having so many deer that one county district attorney publicly stated he would not prosecute anyone for illegally shooting deer. That part wasn’t in my plans, but I was hoping to arrow one of the nice bucks. Continue reading Ron Barnett’s Kansas Quest